Bikram Method 26+ YOGA

75 MIN  |  HEALING HATHA YOGA SERIES with a twist!

26 BEGINNING YOGA POSTURES AND TWO BREATHING EXERCISES + designed to heal your body from the inside out WITH a second set of FUN variations.

This popular class blends the classic 26 postures from the Original Hot Yoga method with a second set full of FUN variations. It empowers practitioners to play and evolve at their own pace within the healing Hatha series. The teacher practices with you for encouragement and demos.  Feeling curious and ready for a challenge? Try the 2nd set variation!  Needing to stick with the 26 basics? Do the same thing 2nd set instead!

This class is set to music is 75 minutes, performed in a warm room and is suitable for everyone; the second set 'variatio' is always optional. 

Get ready to try something new! This class will be available in 2019! * All of our instructors are fully certified.