Welcome to True Yoga Vermont,

Unsure if this is the place for you?

We are a community comprised of YOU; every - body, every age, every ability level, every make and model. 

Whether you are puzzled by the poses or can wrap your leg around your neck, whether your goals are flexibility, strengthening, weight loss, or injury recovery, we got you covered! 

Come. Do your best. When you are tired, rest. We teach to love, we teach you to heal, we teach you to inspire growth and help you smile - all the while improving your health and flexibility!

Move like you've never moved before, free your mind of needless worry. You can do it - we'll help you -  feel better than you ever thought possible today!  


  • Every class we offer delivers fast results
  • Every class we offer delivers a full body work out.
  • Every class we offer is appropriate for every-body; all ages, ability levels, all body types no matter the condition!
  • Every class has new students - you will be in great company!
  • We offer a variety of strength training, stretching & classes to calm your mind. Everything you need to feel balanced in one spot.
  • All of our instructors are fully certified; Our owner 20 years experience with healing bodies.
  • You will feel challenged during class – everyone does! Simply do your best. Rest when you are tired. then get back up. Keep going.
  • Most of our classes are heated - this allows more comfort in your body, faster results in your practice.
  • Improvement happens quickly when you commit to a steady practice.
  • Our team of instructors will guide you, always with compassion and respect. It’s also helpful to realize in class everyone’s focus is internal – they are working too hard on themselves to even notice you. No need to feel self conscious.


“My favorite place. Where I get grounded and recharged. The instructors here are all fantastic !!! “

MN - Rutland Town

“Just one class - that’s all it took. I’m hooked!”

PC - Lake George

“With all the craziness of the past week, its my love for my yoga studio, True North yoga and fitness and the classes they ofer that will help! My hope is to get there tonight, clear my mind and the detoxification of my body always does me good!”

BDC - Rutland City

“I’m so pumped!!! I’ve wanted to study massage and yoga in Thailand for years now!b And you’re bringing all of this right to me! Thank you for offering such great workshops and classes here in our own back yard!”

TNY Student 2018

“With all the stress of daily life & family pressure, I started to notice I was out of balance - then what I realized that what I was cutting out were my yoga classes. I never thought I would be so impacted by hot yoga classes but it’s true! Its not just amazing for my body, but my mind as well! Come hell or high water I will never leave this out of my schedule again. A steady practice, and the warmth of the True North yoga community always gets me through. Thank you TNY Family for being there for me and carrying me through!”

BC - Mendon

“Starting this Thanksgiving with a clear mind and body! Thankful to have found my yoga studio and family. A place where I can clear my mind and not hurt my body by putting strain on my joints. Avoiding joint replacements like a champ one day at a time!”

TNY Student 2018

“Michelle is an amazing instructor. Great workout for your core. I cross fit and the classes that are taught at True North are definitely a nice add to my training! Looking forward to being here more! “

TT - Rutland City

“I have taken two Inferno Hot Pilates classes at True North yoga and fitness this week and I LOVED them! High intensity cardio and lots of abs! Teachers were fantastic!!

BMD - Rutland

“I have taken two Inferno Hot Pilates classes at True North yoga and fitness this week and I LOVED them! High intensity cardio and lots of abs! Teachers were fantastic!!

BMD - Rutland

“Flow yoga, chicken dinner & some perfect chocolate chip cookies to end the night. Those that are looking to clear their minds and have an awesome workout head down to True North yoga and fitness - catch any class and you will feel fantastic!”

TNY student - 2018

“Sharing an accomplishment: Yesterday I did crow pose and went directly into plank from crow. 😉 Feeling proud and feeling supported to go beyond what I thought I could do. Thank you Stefanie & True North yoga and fitness for always holding space from and the amazing people in this community!”

AL - Chittenden

“This week I started a new adventure with hot yoga & pilates!! I have to say as much as I am sore, I absolutely love the way I feel after class!!! Off for a fun weekend then I will be back at it Monday. Thank you for supporting me TNY&F!”

TNY student - 2018

“In addition to healing an injury, the hot room helps heal my mind too. I do not think my flexibility would be as far along since surgery if it weren't for this studio and all of the teacher’s guidance. Don’t let the heat scare you, the initial discomfort melts into comfort and into a gratifying practice. Namaste.”

TN - 2018

"Bikram Beats rocks! 26 poses with music changes the whole experience. This is a great addition to an already awesome studio!"

AD - Pittsford, VT

"Five stars. Love this place."

TR - Rutland City, VT

"I have taken two inferno Pilates classes this week and I loved them!  High intensity cardio and lots of abs! Teachers were fantastic."

BM - Mendon, VT

"Best thing I did was try this studio over 5 years ago. I had never done yoga and I was hooked from the first day! The teachers are amazing and the environment is friendly and warm! Definitely give it a try. What do you have to loose? Nothing - you have everything to gain!" 

HK - Rutland 

"Inferno Hot Pilates has been my go to work out since I was told I was going to need a hip replacement in 1-2 years. I had painful bone spurs that were cutting my hip and making it terrible to move much less work out. My plan was - well - lets get our muscles strong so when the time comes recovery would be easier! Never did I imagine that by activating my glutes, that helped keep my joints on track that I could reverse this condition completely! Not only did the XRays show no degeneration, there is only one bone spur left!!! From the doctor, no see ya in 6 months, or a year - it was, well, call me if you need me??!! and keep doing what you are doing. Its working! So thankful for the instructors who are always giving me new suggestions and modifications!!"
HK - Rutland 
"Class was awesome, Liz! Exactly what I've been looking for up here. Booking more classes now! Thank you" 
KH - Killington