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Women Practicing Yoga




The foundation of this yoga is balance. Challenging yet slow paced it will heal the hips, pelvis, thighs & lower spine reducing overall stress. All of the postures are practiced on the floor.


In a yin yoga sequence, poses are held for three to five minutes, typically with the support of blankets, blocks, and bolsters and performed on the floor - no balancing. Yin yoga classes will stretch the subtle, more stable connective tissues of the body rather than the large, dynamic muscle groups that are worked in fast-paced yoga classes, such as vinyasa flow, which could be considered “yang” yoga.


This class will take you deeper into the dynamic that you feel in our Bikram Method 26&2 of holding, and then releasing, ( The tourniquet effect) creating more flow/circulation/healing in your connective tissue, joints & organs. Just as the symbol has equal parts yin and yang, incorporating some YIN yoga into your high-energy workout schedule will provide vital balance to your week of activity!


These classes are performed in a 'lightly' warmed room, set to music, instructor led and 60 minutes in length. They are suitable for everyone. *


All of our instructors are fully certified - This is a must add to your weekly routine!

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